At Arete Farm our goal is to breed and train horses that are happy, willing athletes with sound bodies and minds.

Arete means “being the best you can be,” or “reaching your highest individual potential.”   This is what we strive for at Arete Farm — nurturing and bringing out the best in each horse and each person.

For a horse to reach its full potential, it needs a slow, methodical training program combined with a kind, safe environment where it can gain its own confidence.  At Arete Farm we believe in traditional, proven training principles that are not rushed.  Only by using classical approaches to build strong, supple musculature can a horse be a happy, willing athlete that will be healthy and sound for its entire life.


Rock Star: 2009 black, G. O. V. mare bred by Lisa Mills, Loretto, MN Learn More»


Royal Prince Reggie: 2014 black colt bred by Lisa Mills, Loretto, MN. Learn More»


Ricochet Arete: Black, born on March 29th, 2016 Learn More»

Rose Lily

Rose Lily: Black, 16.2 hand G. O. V. mare born in 2004. Bred by Bonnie Crofford, Wayne, PA. Learn More»

Our Trainer

Sarah Travis — A kind, classical dressage trainer. Sarah embodies the kind, classical approach our horses need. Learn More»

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